The musicians of Cosmos New Music founded this group in 2016 with an intention to bring diverse artists and audiences together in one unified community. All members were Graduate Assistants pursuing Doctoral programs at the Florida State University in their respective fields. In a competitive and friendly environment with dozens of musical opportunities in Tallahassee, it was only a matter of time before they connected with joys in music-making. 

Coming from different backgrounds and nationalities – from Brazil, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States – Cosmos took advantage of each artistic skill levels and traditions to incorporate powerful programs and messages in both concert and educational settings through multiple genres and wide varieties of styles, including: classical, jazz, rock, pop, world music, folk tunes, fusion, experimental, and contemporary music.

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Cosmos musicians are also avid soloists, orchestral players, teachers, and strong advocates for the arts. The ensemble performs from museums/art galleries, churches, senior houses, hospitals, libraries, to theaters and concert halls across the world. Off from stages, the ensemble can be seen giving community outreach events from providing workshops to master classes at local schools to universities, side-by-side creating stronger connections and relationships among us all, for accessibility and fulfillment to inspire and encourage younger generations.

For more information visit Cosmos New Music website.